Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"Hello everyone. This is my cousin Chandler. We were just discussing our favorite superhero movie scenes while waiting for breakfast"
"This is my cousin McKenna. She spent the afternoon teaching me some new games.
She introduced me to puzzles...
...but this is a lot harder than it looks!"

"My Auntie Tiffy and cousin Owen dropped by to see me too!"

"Auntie Amber stuck this on my head and had a good laugh. I'm really confused though; why does Auntie have a wig? I thought she was a natural blonde..."

"McKenna BEGGED me to play one more game called Memory. She was so excited about it, so I said 'okay, you can teach me, but then I need to take a nap'."
"Look mom. I got a match! This game was way easier than puzzles. I must have an exceptional memory right before nap time!"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

One more picture of Arlo's birthday. I think this picture is so sweet. Here is Arlo (center) with her brother Eliot,5, (second from left), sister Colette,2, (second from right) and twin cousins Isaac and Isaiah, 2 1/2 yrs, on the far left and right. I would love to get a picture of Zion with his 5 cousins, but I can't imagine even attempting to get them to sit together like this for a picture!
More of the birthday girl...
Arlo Huffman turned 1 on Februrary 15th. Here she is today (Sunday) enjoying her new treasures.

"I can't wait 'til I have a birthday party!"

"Hey there Arlo, it's me, Zion, over here"

I love, love, love this sweet picture of baby Arlo.
More pics of Arlo's birthday party!

Birthdays are so much fun!
Today we celebrated Arlo Jane Huffman's 1 yr birthday with her family and friends.

Don't you just love those baby cheeks?
We have finally introduced Zion to baby food! Yeah, I know, it's been a very slow process, but the way I see it, he'll be eating food for the rest of his life, so I don't think he has missed much!

These pictures are from yesterday (Saturday). His intro to food began with sweet peas.

He finally gave in to our "try it, you might like it!"

I don't think he cared much for it.

"Uh, mom, I would like something else for dinner, please"

Monday, February 05, 2007


Okay, so I have to explain why I'm posting this picture. My sister Amber deserves my publicly posting this picture and confessing that "I think these pajamas are absolutely irresistably cute" on Zion. Why do I have to say this? Well, she lent me this big bag of clothes that her son Chandler wore as a baby. When I was looking through the pajamas, I pulled out the one shown here on Zion and said "Oh, these pajamas are so cute and fuzzy!". Amber looked at me stunned and said "Are you kidding me? I specifically remember you teased me about Chandler wearing those pajamas!" At that moment, I realized this was true. So, I humbly admit that I was wrong. Chandler just had to have been as irresistably cute wearing these jams as I think Zion is! They are so soft and warm and just make me want to snuggle him!

Now, you also have to know that the reason I made such a fuss is because I think most baby boy clothes are as hideous as holiday sweaters and school teacher wooden charm necklaces. You all know what I'm talking about! If you are a baby and a girl, you got it good. Everything seems extremely cute for girls. Now boys, they get cheap looking decals slapped onto everything: dump trucks, sailboats, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, trains, firetrucks...you know? Well, every once in awhile, someone in the baby boy fashion industry gets it right and tastefully displays an image like this plane on this so soft
snuggly sleeper. That's my very biased opinion, of course. Oh, and it has nothing to do with brand name! Children's stores like Children's Place and Gap can be (I said can be!) some of the worst offenders...well, Wal-Mart too (hee-hee). Again, my very biased opinion. So in conclusion, he's still not gonna wear that turtleneck with the firetruck plastered on it and the matching red denim overalls, or the t-shirt with the Big Bird decal. Well, at least he won't wear that stuff until the day we're at let's say, Target and he sees those-Buzz-Lightyear-house-slippers-that-light-up-when-you-walk that he swears are his absolute favorite thing in the world! LOL.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

"Hello again. Okay mom, why are you so excited to take a picture of me drinking milk from a spoon?"

"Now wait a sec, this is different, this is good...hey, this is that rice cereal stuff!"

Ahh yeah! keep the cereal coming.

Tasty, I must say.

"I can feed myself, thank you. Now just hand that bowl over."
Zion loves his jumperoo!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hey everybody! Just wanna give a shout out to all my fans! I have some particularly fascinating information I've been saving until the end of the day to share with you all...drumroll...I've got teeth!

The first tooth showed up on Dec 28th and the 2nd tooth on Jan. 7th. Now while I think it's pretty cool to rub my tongue over these strange sharp objects, as well as chomp down on anything I can get in my mouth, I'm not crazy about mom trying to get a close up shot of my mouth.

Yes, I'm laughing here, but only because I think it's pretty funny how hard she's trying to get a good shot of my pearly whites.

Okay, now I'm really nervous. You are invading my personal space.

More updates, yes I said more, to come tomorrow!
6 months old! That's right, I was officially 6months on January 25th.

I can do all sorts of cool stuff now, like hold this lotion bottle, poke my fingers in my ears, pull mom's hair, grab everything off of dad's desk and stick it in my mouth, and oh! the usb cables are the tastiest!

Ummm.. what else? I can make all kinds of sounds, like "hey" and "di-da". Dad gets a kick out of that and says "hey to you too" for some reason. I can also do a perfect imitation of mom and dad sipping coffee from their starbucks cups.

Oh did you not know? I can roll all the way over now. I tried turing from my back to my stomach for the first time on Jan 24th, to be exact. You get a whole new view of the world when you turn over, it's amazing. One great thing about it is that I figured out that I can grab the carpet and push myself forward from this new position. Although, it is just as effective to pull my knees up to my stomach and then launch them forward. I've managed to turn in complete circles on the floor by doing this!

Now, some babies my age did this a month or more ago, but you've gotta put things in the right perspective. I mean, my doctor just told me last week, that I'm 27 inches long and my head is 18 inches around. Considering that this means my head is 2/3 the length of my body and I only weigh 17 pounds, I had to do some serious ab workouts to flip this body!

Well, I gotta go now 'cause I'm hungry and mom keeps promising that I can try something called rice cereal, but she hasn't yet revealed this mystery food to me! maybe if she'd stop snapping my picture...
Taking a look back...
Zion at a few weeks old.

Zion at 3 months old

Zion at 6 months old!