Wednesday, June 28, 2006


A lot has happened since last week. We've gone to 3 Dr's appt's, had 4 sonograms, and had 2 baby showers. I'll first just say, Zion is doing great. I'll have to explain the need for the numerous sonograms with more posts and pics, but basically, we had a sonogram done that revealed that Zion has a little fluid in his right lung cavity. It shouldn't be there, so the doc is watching him closely now, which means weekly sonograms with biophysical tests. The biophysical test is a measurement of the amt of amniotic fluid present, checking to see that Zion is moving around, checking to see that he's practicing breathing, and one other thing that I can't remember. Good news is, Zion passed his first biophysical test today! He's not doing gymnastics anymore, but it feels like he's switched to yoga.
OH, and he's estimated to weigh about 6 pounds. Oh, and somehow, I gained 4 pounds since my appt just 1 week ago. I'm trying to figure out how I gained that much in 7 days.................


Thursday, June 22, 2006

"It's a dude" is Jeremy's answer when people ask if we have a boy or girl. So, when I found this onesie at Old Navy, I knew this was
THE outfit to take him home in.

I think Jeremy is just a little excited about introducing Zion to climbing. We found these baby shoe size Merrell "climbing shoes" at an outdoor gear store in Oregon. Grumpa Gary actually sponsored Zion's upcoming adventures in rock climbing by buying these!

Hey everyone, this is my friend Carissa! Carissa is also pregnant, and (forgive me Carissa, I've forgotten again how many weeks along you are now!) she's just now getting a little bit rounder of a belly--so cute!
This picture was taken at Jan and Mike's house last Saturday. They hosted a baby shower for us--our first one for Baby Z. I have to say, it was the most creative and fun baby shower I've
ever attended! I was having such a great time, but I forgot to
take more pictures. So, these are a few of what I did get.

Mike sort of got in the picture on the right. He was hoisting up candy filled pacifier pinatas, for the kids at the shower to take turns swinging at. Maya is holding up the first of the pacifier pinatas. The picture on the left is of Blaise, swinging with everything in him to bust the candy out. Georgia and Macy Anne are
anxiously waiting for the loot.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

33 weeks!!
As foretold, there is now carpet and an assembled crib in Zion's nursery
Jeremy whipped this crib together in less than an hour--I didn't know he had such assembly skills.

Digital cameras rock! As in this picture, with my FALSELY elongated torso and small belly. HA!

Okay, so this is totally boring, but I can't help but share how excited I am about his cute little room...

...and his changing table!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

32 WEEKS, OKAY 8 months, whatever! Zion is wild. He must know that he's running out of tumbling space with each passing day. Yet, he still manages to pull off some fancy gymnastics--at least it feels that way.

Yep, another side shot. We'll try to be more creative with future poses. Well, at least the wall behind us will be a mural next week, courtesy of daddyjer. That's part of the plan for baby Zion's room. Hopefully, I can post some pics of his new room at it's completion set for next week?

Monday, June 05, 2006

31 weeks from Dad:
Tricia is tired and in bed, so I decided I would blog tonight for her. She's a tired momma. We just returned from our second "baby preperation" class which is...well, pretty boring
; but I guess we are learning something. We knew a couple people in class, and tonight there was a fantastic thunderstorm going on in the background while "Ann" taught us about cervixes, ambiotic fluids, and other lovely things.

Here's Little Z-man at 31 weeks hanging out at the fountain in Mill Creek Park where Tricia does all her walking. I would have taken the time to shoot something better, but there was a homeless dude picking through the trash, throwing things at us, and grunting like an we hightailed it out of there. Zion sure gets his share of culture in our neighborhood....

Here is my lovely chick getting ready for a dinner at Cheescake Factory. I treated her to her favorite "Luau Salad" last night and then a new cheescake on the menu. I can't remember the name, but it was long and complicated...and yummy. Zion also experienced his first movie this week: "Mission Impossible III". He was very active during and after the movie, much like I usually am. We both really liked it. Tricia liked the scene where Ethan Hunts wife had to kill him to be able to bring him back to life. Not sure what I think about that.

Last weekend some of our closest friends came to spend time with us. The Roddas live on the side of a mountain in Evergreen, Colorado. Here is Tricia and Zion with Kym and Stella. Stella was very excited about the pink italian soda that dad Ben ordered...thus dad didn't get to drink much of it. Not sure what I think of that either...

Her little sister Savannah is just out of this picture, and if she plays her cards right, maybe she and Zion will meet soon.
We miss you guys a lot...

Welp, time for dad to catch some Z's.
Have you noticed that Zion backwards or upside down spells "NOIZ".
Not sure what I think of that either.