Thursday, November 22, 2007

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
Isn't it beautiful?

I thought you all would enjoy
seeing pictures from our trip to Arkansas
in November. We go to this beautiful ranch
outside of Jasper, Arkansas every fall. Well, and
any other time of year that we have a chance to get away.
But this time, we went for almost 2 weeks and it
couldn't have been a more perfect time of year.
Zion absolutely loves HCR and so do we!

Zion helping dad sort gear for his next climb.

Usually when we go to HCR, we spend most of our time climbing.
But since we were there for 2 weeks, we got to do a lot more. Jeremy went
horseback riding one day--that's him on the horse on the far left.
Zion was extremely excited about all the horses. He would either squeal
when he saw them, or stare at them in silence for the longest time every morning

This is my favorite view of HCR. You just take a long, steep hike up to
this tree swing where you can see all of the cabins and a long stretch of
the cliffs lining one side of the canyon.
Zion couldn't have been happier getting this close-up of the horses.

I think this is the only picture of the 3 of us together at the ranch.
Oh, the pictures you forget to take on vacation!

Jesse came the 2nd weekend we were there to do some
climbing with Jeremy. Zion likes hangin' out
with Uncle Jesse too!

My dad made his way out to HCR to spend the 2nd weekend
there with us also. We talked him into doing a little
climbing with us also and he loved it!

My mom was with us for the first week of our trip.
I think it's her favorite vacation spot now. Okay,
maybe 2nd. Colorado always gets first place.

Shepherd boy Zion on the lookout

Grandma and Zion soaking in the beautiful fall morning--and horse watching!

Z-boy and daddy going for a hike (that's our cabin in the background)

Monday, November 05, 2007

My spidey boys in their full halloween costumes!
Zion was so excited to see spiderman, or "Bo-bo"
as he calls him. I don't think he was fooled though.
He knew this spiderman was his daddy.

Jeremy was spiderman for halloween, but he
was actually hired to come to this Wal-Mart for
the dvd release of Spiderman 3. No, he wasn't
hurting for money, he just LIKES any opportunity
to be spiderman!