Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I had to post these pics, again! He's crackin' me up with his big 'ol grin!

3 month old Zion with
14 month old cousin Maya. Too cute!
Whoa! I thought she was happy. Should I be crying too?

What a fine lookin' chub!
Do you suffer from chicken leg syndrome?
In just 10 weeks, you too could gain a solid bod like mine. Just follow my foolproof nutrition plan.......

Monday, October 23, 2006

3 Months Old!
Tomorrow, it's official--he'll be exactly 3 months! Crazy how fast the time has already gone by. Many of you have asked for recent pics, so enjoy! I took these photos and submitted this first one for Baby Gap's casting call. Hey, his dad is a finalist for Zest's Men of Adventure, so this little guy could be in Baby Gap's finalist picks too! Sorry there are not photos of me and Jeremy with him! Whenever I have a chance to post pics, it's usually when Jeremy is out of town, which means I'm by myself with

Zion, and I'm not really coordinated with trying to hold Zion and the camera and somehow get myself in the picture! When Jeremy is here, his computer is attached to him like a ventilator, so no pic uploading for me! SIGHhhhhhh....one of these days we'll get a family photo on here!

Zion has discovered his hands, and if I let him, he would suck on his fingers all day!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Jeremy and Jonathan (my husband and brother in law) have both made it into the finals for a Zest Soap "Adventurous MEN" contest.

If they win, we all four get to go to on a $15,000.00 trip somewhere amazing in the world!

Please go vote for them- be sure to rate them as "3's" in all categories, then rate 3 other individuals as "1s" in all categories to help their prospects. In all you must rate 5 men.

Thanks for the help- I could use a free trip!

vote NOW! The voting is over in ten days!

be sure to ask friends and family to vote too.

here is the link: