Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guess what?
Zion is 2 months old!

He's such a stylin' boy in his snap-style shirt and brown felt cowboy boots.

I love smilin' for my mommy...
but I don't like it when she tries to pose me, even if it is for the purpose of showing off my faux hawk and male pattern baldness.

Now, I'm really ticked! Enough with the photo shoot, I'm hungry!

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So beautiful!
It seemed like forever until Zion was actually sleeping for more
than an hour at a time. Okay, so he sleeps for 2-3 hours at a time now, but for me, that feels like an almost full night of sleep!

Zion still takes his best naps during the day. He gets Sooo...
relaxed. I don't know how this can be comfortable.

If I try to re-position him into a more spine friendly position,
he just pushes his little...er, big? head back, his mouth drops
open, and his arms go limp. We know he's really in a deep sleep
when his breathing sounds like he's talking!

No exagerration, Zion can touch his head to his tailbone.

Here he is awake, as he more often is!
Hi Everybody!
Sorry it's been so long since you've seen new pics of me.
Mom says that dad hogs the computer, so she's had to be patient
and wait until this morning at 5 am to start posting pics. Of course, these are really old photos of me at like 6 weeks old. I look totally different now at 9 weeks! Mom plans to play "dress-up" with me today and do a photo shoot. So, until then,enjoy these goofy photos of me and dad.

Here's me and dad. He keeps getting his scratchy face up close to me and telling me he's gonna take me slacklining and climbing. Huh? I think he's kinda crazy, but I just smile back at him!

Me and dad at First Fridays downtown.
I was particularly intrigued by the largescale brightly colored
pieces. I also enjoyed being carried around like this. People look
so different from this position!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Holy cow! Time flies!
It's been almost a month.
Zion is doing great!

We visited my great grandpa Ray in warsaw missouri a couple weeks ago-Zion made him a great great grandpa(and that he is).

Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Sandy came to visit-

They sure love little Zi Guy!

And we have some cool pics our excellent photographer friends took of our lil family.
here is Tricia and Zion, shot by Amy Berg

And here is Zion and I, shot by Kelly Jackson

more later...