Saturday, December 23, 2006

From Zion:
I Just got home from my second Collins family christmas in Amoret , Mo. and I am pooped!

I saw some familiar faces and met a lot of new ones. I never knew so many people loved me- here they are:

Here are my cousins Keith and his wife Emily,Dustin, Jackson and Patrick. In Front is Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ron-

Here is my cousin Caleb in the middle and his girlfriend Tyler in front and their friend, Ella Rose in back.

Here is my cousin Jen and her husband Brad who is in the Navy. They live in Colorado Springs. I can't wait to go visit. Jen has my third cousin growing in her belly!

This is my Great Uncle Randy and Aunt Shelly. Uncle Randy put the carpet in my room!

Here is Randy holding me in his cool Collins Chiefs jersey

Here is my Great Uncle Steve and my Great Grandma Judy.

Here is my cousin Ryan and his girlfriend Justine.

Here is the Nastav Family, Bob, Janice, Jordan and Rebecca; except for my cousin Kaleb who is inside watching TV. We got to play all day at their fun house with chickens, dogs, cats, ducks, horses, and I even saw a cow!

Here is my pop and mama with my Great Great Grandpa Ray!

Here I am in my cool new hat from Aunt Janice. She's so Cool!

HEre is my Grumpa Gary and Great Grandma Judy.

I had a great day playing with my cousins! Tomorrow I get Collins party #3. I can't wait!

The end,

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Zion the Monkey on his very first climb in Arkansas, November 11th!

Zion the Monkey Boy with a few of his closest friends...

Here are Halloween Pics, FINALLY!
I decided to post everyones pics as we had many great costumes show up, but we didn't get everyone. Sorry they are sideways. Don't get a crick in your neck!

Elliot Huffman as Spiderman:

Beth Ann Chambers as "Miss Mustard":

Us as High Schoolers from 1990, with our uh-oh-monkey baby:

The Buxton Boys as The Zorro Brothers:

Mike Marvin Mastin as ...Deputy Dog?

Zions Favorite- Paul chambers as Homer Simpson:

Rebecca Chambers as ARGGGH The Deck Swabber:

Jesse and Bit as Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood:

Milan and Maya Mastin as the Kitten sisters:

Jarrod and Gina as Glam Rockers:

Momma Jan Mastin as Witch with her sly cats:

Ally Walters as Vixen Lioness:

Nathaniel and Rachel as Cowboy and Indian:

Bob as King of Something:

Rob as Emale and Jen as Dr. WhoNow?:

Brian as CENSORED, and Steve as a Renny:

Brian as Wacko Suave and Sarah as Sarah:

Steve as "The Guy Who Ate Steve":

Heather and Matt as "Drunk and Pregnant":

I have no idea...

Kevin and Julie as "Smelly and Drooly":

Lance(passing through from Nebraska) as a Boyscout: