Friday, June 29, 2007

Zion loves the beach!
Well, maybe he loved the sand more than anything else. Just thought you all would want to see these pictures from our trip to San Diego.

Nothing like a nice cold apple juice on the beach in the morning.

I was excited about the idea of getting a picture of Zion standing on a surfboard, but Zion was more interested in playing in the sand. I guess I'll have to get that picture next year; although next year, the challenge will be trying to get him to stand still!


Relaxing on the beach.

"Come on dad! It's time for a serious game of volleyball."
Pictures from San Diego!
The first 4 days of our trip was spent at surf camp (which I'll share about in another post!) and the weekend was spent with Jeremy's family. Jeremy's brother, Jonathan and his wife Sandy live in San Diego. Jeremy's parents, Joyce and Gary also came out from K.C.
I have lots of pictures to share and I wanted to start with ones of the family. Here we are celebrating Father's Day at a local cafe in Cardiffe after a long, hard day at the beach. I love how Zion is sitting up so straight like he's a little adult.

A closer look at the fam: Aunt Sandy, Gramma Joyce, Grampa Gary, and Uncle Jonathan

Zion loves hanging out with Uncle Jonathan...

...and Aunt Sandy!

"Hi!" This is Zion's newest feat--waving to everybody and saying "Hi!"--from the moment he wakes up until, well, until he gets cranky and tired.

Grandpa and Uncle Jonathan and Zion playing in the ocean.
I would show more pictures of our day at the ocean, but I can't find them right now!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Pictures from our trip to Colorado.
Our first stop was to visit Jeremy's cousin Jennifer Stiner and her husband Brad (and baby Corben due to arrive in a few weeks--sorry Jen, if I spelled his name wrong!) Jeremy's Aunt Shelly and Uncle Randy Collins were also there to see Jennifer and Brad.

Next stop: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where Zion got a REALLY close view of the giraffes!

Zion and Jeremy enjoying the scenery at Garden of the Gods on Memorial Day.

Me and Zion going for a stroll through Garden of the Gods.

Zion hangin' with the Rodda girls in Evergreen, Colorado. 17 month old Savannah on the left and 3 year old Stella on the right!