Friday, August 11, 2006

More pics of Zion! Yeah, I know, it's been 2 weeks since we posted pics.
There is good reason for that! You would think that since newborns sleep 17-20 hours a day, that there would be time for updating this blog.
Notice, however, that as in this pic, Zion most enjoys sleeping when the sun is out. That means I did not get much sleep, and thus am sleeping with the sun too.
This is also why I am posting pics at 4 am while holding Zion. Yep, he's wide awake. I think he enjoys the clacking of the keyboard and the fan in the background. I tell him that his irresistable cuteness is what makes it tolerable to be up this early!

Look how relaxed he is! He enjoys his bassinett during the day, but prefers being held by mom or dad in order to sleep at night.

Look close! Zion's got a little smile on his face!

Zion is wondering why in the world I have him awake at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Ahhhhh!!! This is the life!
Zion's favorite sleeping position--being held by mom.
My two favorite boys!

Zion's got a rough life--eating, sleeping, and being held whenever he demands it.

We did actually take some pics of me and Zion together! You really didn't need to see me in any pics prior to this week. I was like a zombie, walking around the house, the first week home from the hospital. I had little sleep, lots of pain, and complete exhaustion. I'm glad the pain part is over! Now, I'm having fun snapping pics of Everything this cute baby does and recording everything about him.

Jeremy is demonstrating one of Zion's more famous facial expressions.

Chillin' out with dad
The many faces of Zion......