Friday, January 25, 2008

"Hi,hi, hi!" That is what you would hear this
sweet boy saying if this picture was a movie.
Zion is learning new words and showing off
new expressions and more personality every day.
Below, are just a few of those I managed to capture.
Again, I wish they were on video, but it seems like when the video
camera comes out, he stops performing!

Zion, can you tell us your new words?





"what's that?"

"I'm done"


Joyce Collins said...

That is one smart boy! He takes after his Grandma! :?)

C.Stiner said...

I HAVE TO HAVE THAT BATH TUB!! Where did you find it? I must be a copy cat and buy one immediately! :)

He's a cutie! We have to get together next time we're in KC okey dokey?

Don't forget to tell me where I can find that bath tub....please. :)

zibaby said...

I bought the bathtub at Babies R Us.
I'm going to order a bigger inflatable bathtub from soon. You might want to check out that website. They
have tons of cool baby gear.
I would love to see you guys next time you are here! Please let us know when that happens!


jonathandy said...

can we please see new pictures of the jer collins family...miss you guys!!